Dec 09

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New Fleet Management solutions for Businesses

Fleet Management solutions for businesses Fuel saving solutions at Lakeside Garage


We are able to offer a range of fleet management solutions for companies. We are able to write software into the ECU which will limit/control how the vehicle is driven, saving on fuel and repair bills.

We can provide:

  • In gear RPM limiters on petrol & diesel engines to prevent the engine from being over revved. The benefit of this is improved fuel economy and increased longevity of the engine.
  • Maximum speed limiters. This ensures vehicles are not driven at high speed and can force the driver to drive at economical speeds for fuel savings and extended engine longevity.
  • Economy tuning to save fuel, linked with RPM and speed limiters can provide for impressive returns.



Some of the benefits have been amazing in tests, giving between 10 and 25% increase in mpg plus the added bonus of saving on repairs as the engine was not overstressed.


This is beneficial to commercial and light commercial fleets.

Car fleets could save money from our eco remaps.

Call now to see what we can do for your company! Or email to request an information pack.

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