Sep 27

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October Engine Remap Offer

Take advantage of our latest offer for Engine Remapping. The normal price is £299  but for the month of October we will be Vehicle engine re-mapping at Lakeside Garageoffering a 25% discount. The Remap will cost just £225!

Engine Remapping  is the latest and most cost effective way of improving the power and fuel economy of your car. More commonly known as chip tuning, generally speaking you can gain anywhere between 20 to 50 bhp and 20 to 50 NM of torque to your engine on both petrol and diesel cars. (Model Dependent)

Because the car is generally being driven at the same speeds the engine has to work less and so benefits from a 10% fuel economy increase on diesel models.

An Eco remap can produce an fuel saving of 20-25% whilst retaining the same power your car had originally!

The system works by changing the computer program that controls the engine management system. It is untraceable by the manufacturer and can be put back on the car should the manufacturer carry out updates whilst under warranty that wipes the remap. It is put on the car by connecting to the programming socket inside the car, so no parts are removed or tampered with. The system is designed by Celtic Tuning,  a market leader in engine re-mapping. The company is a trusted British name with back up and guarantees and installed by trained technicians.

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