Phantom Tracking systems

Phantom Tracking Systems and Security

iTrack is an effective, affordable, GPS tracking and security system, designed with you and your vehicle’s security in mind. Thatcham accredited at either S5 or S7, this system comes in a number of configurations depending on the level of security you require for your vehicle, or that your Insurance company needs to cover the car.

Key cloning is the most common form of car theft at present, particularly with keyless entry system keys being cloned.

The good news is that the Phantom S5 system makes this almost impossible. It comes with an immobiliser and personal recognition tags so that the vehicle can only be started once these tags are present. Even if your key is cloned the car will not start. You will also be alerted, via the My Phantom app, that the car has had an attempted start with no tag present. The 24 hr monitoring centre will also be alerted, who in turn will contact you.

For Motor Homes we have the Phantom Sentinel system where itrack is coupled with the Gemini category 1 alarm system.

The ultimate in security.

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iTrack tracking system and immobiliser is  rated as Thatcham category S5 or S7, which is recognised by insurance companies.

Sentinel for Motorhome is a Category 1 Alarm system S5 or S7 Tracker and immobiliser.

For more information and car or motorhome specific enquiries please call us and we can discuss the best option for your needs.

Whether you drive a BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover or a Rolls Royce we can help with the ultimate security for it.

System Benefits

Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Immobiliser

Vehicle Alarm

Alerts to your phone via the My Phantom app

24 HR monitoring

Roaming sim that works anywhere in Europe

Cost effective subscription from monthly to lifetime!

Fitted by us, an approved installer who is also an experienced independent for German brands, able to look after your servicing and fault finding on your car.

Phantom Tracking systems

Phantom itrack
Phantom Sentinal