Is failing to care for your car is a false economy ……..? 


Our cars are not dissimilar to how we have come to rely on our devices. Take either of them away from us for any period of time and it is like having an arm removed and we tend to become panicky and agitated until we can use them again. 

As with our phones, we look after our cars when we first have the excitement of having them, either for the first time, or as an upgrade, but over time with the rush of life, we either drop the phone time and time again until it fails to function properly, or we can tend ignore our cars whether it be keeping it clean, carrying out vital basic checks such as tyre pressures and oil levels and even actively deciding not to regularly service it, possibly as we believe we may be able to save money at that particular time.  


We cannot stress enough that failing to maintain to your car regularly over time, is not only an enormous false economy, but also potentially very dangerous, low oil or dirty oil can cause costly or catastrophic engine problems and the price to rectify or replace would far outweigh the cost of yearly servicing. Similarly, bald tyres or under inflated tyres can cause serious accidents as the vehicle is unable to function to its full potential. 


If your phone began to become untrustworthy and difficult to use, you would sort the problem out right? Hopefully you would be able to fix it without having to fork out for a new one. It needs to be the same with your car but prevention is key. 


You can carry out your own checks on tyres and oil levels which is recommended to be carried out monthly by manufacturers. If you need any advice on how to do this we are happy to help. 


Servicing is recommended on a yearly basis or a mileage basis according to different manufacturers and this is very much our recommendation too. 


If your vehicle requires a yearly MOT, then this will pick up on whether your car is safe and road worthy and offer advisories for items that will need attention, but it is not in any way carrying out maintenance on the vehicle. 


When did your car last have a service?  

Why not check and if it needs one, we are happy to help! 


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