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Diagnostic fault findingLakeside Garage specialises in vehicle diagnostics for all makes and models. We can diagnose faults and codes for engine management and EPC faults. These are faults relating to emissions and programming in engine and gearbox control units.

In 2012 these warning lights became an MOT testable item and have to work correctly to pass an MOT test.

Diagnostic procedures are a form of repair that is carried out to your vehicle involving any of the on board vehicle computer systems. This can range from Engine Management, Anti-Lock brakes (ABS), Electronic Park Brake (EPB), Traction Control and DSC faults, Airbag and SRS systems, Alarm immobiliser, Heater and Air-conditioning control, Key coding and even Battery charging control.

Here at Lakeside we have the very latest software and equipment to diagnose the fault on your car, and the knowledge to back it up. We are specialists in  BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. We also have 95% coverage on all other makes.

We can also carry out software updates and performance re-maps that improve performance along with economy.

More often than not the cause of the problem with these systems is either wiring or a sensor fault and it’s not as easy as just resetting the warning light. If the cause is not fixed then the light will come back as soon as that system is used again.

Here at Lakeside you get more than just a light reset. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to carry out a full diagnosis, not just a system reset.

My Wife and I have on recently started to take our cars to this garage, I found them by checking customer reviews on the internet, I can honestly say in the past I have always had niggling doubts of being ripped off by garages even the dealers , this is certainly not the case here, I have no worries here, I find all the Lakeside staff courteous and most helpful, I have a 120,000 mile service due in 2000 miles and will definitely use Lakeside. Mr B BMW 325 July 2011 Shepperton

An excellent garage, highly professional staff and quality work at a very competitive price. Mr D BMW 330 Fleet Hampshire September 2011

Recently I’ve been having issues with my VW Passat, and the Lakeside team recommended that I undertook an update to my engine management. The Autologic system confirmed there was an update available based on my vehicle type. Having seen this equipment in action I can strongly recommend this based on their experience and expertise. The issues I was experiencing have since resolved. Money well spent. Thank you Lakeside. Mr F VW Passat Slough Jan 2012

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