Mazda Bongos

Here at Lakeside we are the longest standing repairer of Mazda Bongo’s in the UK. We have been repairing them since 2002 and have a wide experience of SGL3 and SGL5’s. As far as we know we are the only repairer to have the latest diagnostic equipment for Mazda Bongo’s so you can be assured your Bongo is in safe hands whether it is a petrol or a diesel model.

We import parts specifically for them direct from Japan and hold a wide range of parts in stock and have customers all over the country. Not only that we only use Total 5/30 oil on all of our services. There is a good possibility that if you have a SGL Montague it will have been here at some point in it’s life.

We can cater for all your needs from servicing to MOT’S, repairs and pre-holiday checks to ensure your Bongo is ready for that drive across the continent. Don’t worry if you are coming some way to see us as you can either leave the vehicle with us or if the work can be completed in a day, you can drop off your car and there is a train service locally which can take you to Windsor where you can visit the Castle or take a boat trip on the Thames. Alternatively you could take in some retail therapy in Staines.

Centrally located near Heathrow we are easily accessible from Staines, Windsor, Ascot, Slough and Egham.

Here are some “Bongo Tips” that our staff have put together for you.

  1. For four wheel drive models check your tyre sizes, they should be 195 70/15 on the front and 215 65/15 on the rear. If not then you will damage the front differential over time.
  2. Four wheel drive Bongo’s can be converted to two wheel drive, we have carried this out many times.
  3. Always make sure your water level is topped up. Bongo’s don’t like being run dry of water!
  4. We get asked all the time if Bongo’s can be run on cooking oil! We can only say that as far as we know it is likely to damage the fuel pump long term and advise strongly against it.
  5. Bongo timing belts are recommended to be replaced at 60,000 miles.

I shopped around for a good garage for my Mazda Bongo. I got a few quotes that were completely unreasonable. Cutting to the chase, Lakeside garage was recommended with high praise and justifiably so. Excellent service from the front line to the man who repaired my Bongo. Would use them every time in future without hesitation.