Diesel Particulate Filter and Injector Cleaning Staines

Diesel Particulate filters are on most modern diesels now. The filter sits in the exhaust system and catches unwanted particulates in the exhaust gas. This is a requirement for exhaust emissions standards and is also better for the environment. When the filter gets near full the engine initiates a regeneration. This raises the the temperature of the filter to over 600 degrees thus burning off these unwanted particulates.

If your filter becomes blocked we can clean the DPF. Not only that we can perform a forced particulate filter regeneration if required to enable the car to clean the filter itself. This is all carried out onsite with specialist tooling and knowledge.

Centrally located near Heathrow we are easily accessible from Staines, Ascot, Windsor, Slough and Egham.

Diesel Particulate Filter Faults

DPF filters block for many reasons, this can be anything from age to failed sensors or incorrect oil being used on a service. They can even block due to driving style. Short journeys can cause this.

We don’t just clean the DPF or injectors but we can diagnose the fault to stop it happening again. Virtually any fault on the engine management system will cause the Diesel particulate filter to stop regenerating and eventually block.

This results in reduced engine power, an engine management warning light to come on, and eventually may result in vehicle break down. Understanding these systems is essential in correcting a DPF fault. We are DPF fault specialists and can clean them on the vehicle should they block. This will save you money on time consuming removals or expensive replacements.

Our services include fault diagnosis, cleaning and forced regeneration of the Diesel particulate filter.

Watch our video below of a forced regeneration being carried out.

Key Features

  • No need to replace or remove the DPF filter through a DPF delete. (It is illegal to remove the DPF filter and may impact on insurance coverage)
  • Quick procedure
  • Cleaned on the vehicle, no need to remove to clean it.
  • Use as Preventative Maintenance in the future

The Results

DPF Filters

  • Cleans Catalytic Converter and Diesel Particulate Filter

Diesel injectors

  • Improves fuel economy
  • Improves hard starting and performance
  • Reduces emissions and excessive smoke

Improved fuel economy and cleaner emissions for your car Staines

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