Car fault diagnosis Staines

Lakeside Garage specialises in vehicle diagnosis for all German marques and Electric or Hybrid vehicles.

We can diagnose all vehicle faults whether it is body, chassis or engine related.

Many warning lights are now an MOT testable item and have to work correctly to pass an MOT test. Not only that if you do have an engine warning light on the car very often will be operating on reduced power or may be using more fuel. Generally speaking the longer a car operates with a warning light on, the more damage that is caused.

Centrally located near Heathrow we are easily accessible from Staines, Ascot, Windsor, Slough and Egham.

Types of Assessments

A diagnostic procedure is a form of repair that is carried out to your vehicle involving any of the on-board vehicle computer systems. This is an assessment with full checks of the systems at fault, and not just a fault code scan with no knowledge of the systems being tested.

This can range from Engine Management, Adblue (SCR), Anti-Lock brakes (ABS), Electric Vehicle & Hybrid (EV), Electronic Park Brake (EPB), Traction Control and DSC faults, Airbag and SRS systems, Alarm immobiliser, Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), Fibre Optic Networks (MOST) and iDrive repairs, Heater and Air-conditioning control, Key coding and even Battery charging control. We also repair and clean Diesel Particulate systems (DPF). Take a look here for more information.

The assessment also includes looking at vehicle software levels and known technical service fault bulletins released by the manufacturer. This enables us to get an overall picture of the fault and get you back on the road.

Latest Systems

Here at Lakeside Garage we have the very latest software and equipment to diagnose the fault on your car, plus the knowledge to back it up. Our staff are constantly training to stay informed on new technology.

We are specialists in BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Seat, Skoda and electric (EV) and Hybrid cars. We have the Genuine dealer systems such as VW Audi Odis, BMW Ista and  Mercedes Xentry, with full security access to code and program control units.

Have a problem with component protection activation? Do you have a fault code with component protection activated? Component protection removal on all VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda cars is no problem for us.

We can also carry out software updates and performance re-maps that improve performance along with economy.

More often than not the cause of the problem with these systems is either wiring or a sensor fault and it’s not as easy as just resetting the warning light. If the cause of the fault is not fixed then the light will come back as soon as that system is used again.

Here at Lakeside you get more than just a light reset. We have the knowledge and experience to Master Technician level to be able to carry out a full diagnosis, not just a system reset.

Neil & his team @ Lakeside Garage got me out of a difficult situation with my car breaking down on during a visit to the area. Diagnosed the problem in the afternoon and all fixed by midday the next day. Very thorough service also identified a couple of other issues that I was not aware of that needed attention. I normally service my own cars and know these were genuine issues, not made up to increase the amount of work. Very professional service & highly recommended.

An excellent garage, highly professional staff and quality work at a very competitive price.

Recently I’ve been having issues with my VW Passat, and the Lakeside team recommended that I undertook an update to my engine management. The diagnosis confirmed there was an update available based on my vehicle type. Having seen this equipment in action I can strongly recommend this based on their experience and expertise. The issues I was experiencing have since resolved. Money well spent. Thank you Lakeside.