Baffled by Diagnostic prices?

Increasingly it has become apparent that there is quite a lot of confusion around what Auto Diagnosis entails and the price that one should pay for it.
Most garages label fault code scans as diagnostics. This will give the technician a code relevant to what the cars computer believes is the fault. The common mistake made by garages is to replace the part the fault code points to. This is generally done because of lack of knowledge about the cars system or the correct test procedures. This may be a correct diagnosis, but more often than not it isn’t. This then leaves the garage confused and the customer unhappy.
Here at Lakeside Garage we have invested in training, equipment and we have the knowledge to be able to correctly test the cars systems. For our diagnostic an initial assessment. This will enable us to check the part that the car thinks is at fault, test wiring and in some cases the software level of the cars computers to ensure it is not a software issue. The diagnosis may be made in this assessment or we may need to carry out other tests. Whichever it is you will be kept informed at all times. 40% of the cars we carry out diagnosis on have been to another garage before and were not fixed.
When you are shopping around for diagnosis of a fault and you get varying prices, why not ask what you get for your money? If all you get is a scan for codes it could end up being a very expensive day out!