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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update as of 13/05/2020   Due to the ever changing situation with Covid 19 and following the guidelines of the government,  we are now back open for business having implemented all the health and safety precautions relating to the virus. We may have to prioritise emergency work for key workers as we have throughout […]

IMI Master Technician Status

Lakeside Garage now have an IMI (The Institute of the Motor Industry) Master Technician. Our company Director, Jay Wheatley, has now joined the top 3% of the technicians in the country and gained this coveted qualification. However it does not stop there! Within the top 3% most of the Master Technicians are dealer trained, and […]

Regular maintenance, do or don’t?

Is failing to care for your car is a false economy ……..?     Our cars are not dissimilar to how we have come to rely on our devices. Take either of them away from us for any period of time and it is like having an arm removed and we tend to become panicky and agitated […]

Manufacturer Approved Oils

When looking for a repairer to service your car, always ask what oils are being used within the estimate they have given. So why would you ask this? Well there are many oils out there on the open market, and a £3 per litre oil cannot be the same as a £15 per litre oil. […]

Diagnostics de-mystified

When you go to a garage, are you paying for a Diagnostic assessment or merely a  fault code reading? There is a big difference! There appears to be some confusion around what a diagnostic check actually means from garage to garage. A proper diagnostic check  should be an in depth assessment of a fault on […]

Let us manage your MOT reminder!

Have you ever forgotten to book your car in for its MOT on time? Are you aware that driving your car without an MOT is illegal? There are no ‘grace’ days once the MOT has expired.! Your insurance policy may have terms and conditions regarding road worthiness of a vehicle and it would be advisable […]

Lakeside Garage Tech Spot

Oil quality…….how important is it? Manufacturers have long since been recommending specific oils for their vehicles. In the past these tended to be semi-synthetic 10w40 grade oils that were made to similar specification no matter which make was purchased. In recent years things have changed somewhat, and with tighter tolerances, hotter running engines, extended service […]

Baffled by Diagnostic prices?

Increasingly it has become apparent that there is quite a lot of confusion around what Auto Diagnosis entails and the price that one should pay for it. Most garages label fault code scans as diagnostics. This will give the technician a code relevant to what the cars computer believes is the fault. The common mistake […]

What is a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)?

What is a DPF? Diesel Particulate Filter If you own a diesel car, you probably have a diesel particulate filter, however, you may not know exactly what this is or how to maintain it. Diesel particulate filters have been fitted to diesel-fuel cars for almost two decades now – but if not maintained, or if […]

Why it is best not to continue to drive with a puncture!

Can you really afford to keep driving with a puncture?!! We thought we would share these photos as they show the real damage that can be caused not just to the tyre but also to the rim of the wheel if you continue to drive with a puncture. This tyre was completely blown out. It […]

What do you know about the Air Filter in your Vehicle?

This is an image we have taken here at the garage to show the contrast between a dirty Air Filter  on the right and a new one. The Air Filter was supposedly changed only a year ago. It is possible that it was changed and that extensive use of the vehicle has caused the build up. […]