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Jan 14

Brake trouble?

Brakes and the importance of ensuring that they are properly maintained.   If you were booked on to a flight and found out that the aircraft had not passed the safety checks for its braking capacity, but was flying regardless, would you get on that plane? I highly doubt it! Yet, it is astonishing that …

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Oct 28

Shocking state of front brake pad and disc

Would you have any idea if you were driving around with brake pads and discs that looked like this??? The images here show a broken front brake pad and a seriously corroded front brake disc. This is the view from the inside which is very difficult to see without removing the wheels. We strongly recommend having …

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Jan 17

Some information about brake discs and pads

An interesting comparison between a rear corroded brake disc and a new one. Big difference! We recommend having your brake system checked  once a year for general wear and tear and to give you peace of mind. It is dangerous to wait too long to change your brake pads. We all use our brakes repeatedly …

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