BMW Fibre Optic system repairs and idrive faults

Lakeside garage carries out repairs and software updates to the fibre optic entertainment system on your BMW. These repairs are normally only carried out by the dealer.

BMW idrive screenWe can save you time and money. Common problems are bluetooth not working correctly, idrive screen not working or freezing, CD player or Sat Nav not working and no radio reception. These all work on the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) Network bus. This is a fibre optic network which connects the whole media system from Sat Nav to radio, CD and TV. As it’s fibre optic it requires specialist tools, training and software to work on it. This system is on most BMW’S from 2003 to present including E81, E46, E90, E60, E53, E63 and E65 plus more across the range.[notice]Please be aware that we do need to have your vehicle on site in order to be able to diagnose the fault.[/notice]
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