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Sep 06

Diagnostics explained in brief

Remapping, Tuning and diagnostics at Lakeside Garage

Providing you with a fault code is not what a Diagnostic check should be. When choosing where to take your car, it is important to consider whether the garage has the ability and knowledge to be able to wholly assess the fault. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of Independent garages who advertise the fact …

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Dec 09

New Fleet Management solutions for Businesses

Fleet Management solutions for businesses    We are able to offer a range of fleet management solutions for companies. We are able to write software into the ECU which will limit/control how the vehicle is driven, saving on fuel and repair bills. We can provide: In gear RPM limiters on petrol & diesel engines to …

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Jun 25

Lakeside Garage While you wait service

Lakeside Garage Waiting Area

Lakeside Garage has launched it’s improved “While you wait service”. With it’s comfortable waiting area, Free tea and coffee and free WiFi Access. All of our appointments are prebooked at specific times to ensure that the car is started immediately and you are on your way within the alotted time. Obviously not all jobs can …

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Jan 15

Autologic Diagnostics System

The team at Lakeside are very excited to announce that we have added to our diagnostic equipment and have invested in Autologic, which is dealer level diagnostic equipment and currently for us relates particularly to BMW, VW and Audi. This is a system which is reportedly unrivalled and allows us as an Independent Garage to …

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