Punctured Tyre

Why it is best not to continue to drive with a puncture!


Can you really afford to keep driving with a puncture?!!

We thought we would share these photos as they show the real damage that can be caused not just to the tyre but also to the rim of the wheel if you continue to drive with a puncture.
This tyre was completely blown out. It is very likely that after a puncture,  the car would become extremely difficult to drive and control and will either pull to the left or right. It is crucial to get the car to a safe place and cease driving until you have changed the tyre with a spare if you have one. If you do not feel able to change the tyre if it has blown out, you may want to get road side assistance.
If you have ‘Run Flat’ tyres you may find that you are able to get a short distance to a garage but it is not advisable to drive any distance with a puncture and a run flat tyre.
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