Air Filter change

What do you know about the Air Filter in your Vehicle?

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This is an image we have taken here at the garage to show the contrast between a dirty Air Filter  on the right and a new one. The Air Filter was supposedly changed only a year ago. It is possible that it was changed and that extensive use of the vehicle has caused the build up. Either way, this is a clear indication of  by another garage????!!!

With this in mind I thought that it might be useful to give a bit of an explanation about why it is necessary to change Air Filters:

The purpose of the Air Filter is to prevent debris and dirt getting into the engine. Air filters generally need to be changed with every Full Service, but with more modern cars, this may not always be the case and may need changing according to the vehicle’s schedule.

Air filters are generally not expensive, but when they become dirty, they become blocked and can mean that your engine has to work harder resulting in a reduction to fuel economy.

Dirty air filters should be replaced as soon as possible. If you are advised by a garage that your Air filter needs to be changed, and you are in any doubt, you can always ask the garage to see the filter before agreeing for the work to be carried out.

If the Air Filter is neglected completely, it can start to disintegrate and will not be able to do its job. The more it falls apart, the more the engine can start to suck in pieces of the air filter which will ultimately damage the engine.