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Celtic Tuning at Lakeside Garage

Lakeside Garage is now an authorised dealer for Celtic Tuning, one of the leading remapping companies in the country. We are now able to provide remapping for all makes and models along with our speciality of German Cars. This includes economy maps and performance maps.

 Remapping or chip tuning your car changes the electronic software that controls the engine. This can improve fuel economy and performance, making your car more enjoyable to drive and save you money! All it is doing is unlocking the power that manufacturers don’t use. They have to account for the  poor quality oils and fuels around the world and lack of servicing, that we don’t have to! Celtic tuning are one of the few companies that write their own maps so yours can be tailored to your needs.
The standard performance map will give more power and on diesel engines it will provide a 10-15% increase in fuel economy. (If driven under normal conditions). On a petrol car it will improve performance and driveability. The fuel economy may be slightly better but will not decrease. The economy map will give a better fuel economy return but less of a power increase. The standard performance map is the most popular, but fleet and company owners very often benefit from the economy maps to save their businesses money on fuel.
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