Diesel Particulate Filter information

DPF imageDPF warning lighhtHere is an example what a Diesel Particulate Filter looks like along with the kind of fault light you may see on your dashboard if there is an issue with the DPF.
The function of a Diesel Particulate Filter is to filter particulate matter from exhaust gases on a diesel car with the ultimate aim being to improve air quality and health standards while fulfilling the European emission standards. 
The Diesel particulate filter has to be ‘regenerated’ frequently. This regeneration occurs when a car is driven at a consistent speed and for a consistent amount of time to allow the exhaust to reach a very high temperature. The exhaust soot is then burnt into gas and leaves behind a residue. 
If the regeneration is not carried out properly, soot can build up which affects the performance of the car. On account of this, some diesel drivers have chosen to remove the filter. We are aware that there are some companies who will offer to remove the filter, but, it is possible that if a vehicle has been modified this way, it may no longer meet the emissions standards the car achieved when it was approved for sale in the UK. 
If the warning light for you DPF is showing on the dashboard, we would strongly advise that you get it checked out and do not ignore it!
If you are considering buying a new car, then do consider the type of driving you do before buying a diesel car as if you find that you are mainly a town driver, you may want to consider a petrol car which does not need a regular regeneration.

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