Diesel Particulate Filter

Quick and efficient Diesel Particulate Filter and Injector clean

Diesel Particulate Filter and Injector Cleaning

Diesel Engine Clean Service

For many drivers of diesel engine cars, there comes a time when the Engine Management Light comes on due to an issue with the Diesel Particulate Filter. The main cause of this comes from the amount of town driving and 'stuck in traffic'  that we are now subjected to! Do not be fooled into thinking that it ok to remove the DPF as it is now illegal.
        Our Diesel EGR and Injector Servicing machine cleans the EGR and EGR Cooler as well as cleaning the DPF Filter. The Diesel Flush Machine also removes carbon and soot, which is a massive problem with DPF filters.
Having the Diesel Flush Service greatly  reduces all of these concerns in a complete service, which takes approximately an hour and a half, without the mechanical strip down of engine components. 
Options available for Diesel Engines
DPF Clean including forced regeneration
DPF and Injector Clean including forced regeneration
Injector Clean
Inlet and Injector Clean
Injector and DPF Preventative Maintenance

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