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Engine Re-Mapping grows in popularity

Think engine re-mapping looks simple? Well think again! Yet, on daily basis we are seeing more and more people wanting to re-map their cars.

What is Re-mapping?

It used to be referred to as ‘Chip Tuning’ – Simplistically it is a method of increasing the performance of your car through software.
Lakeside Garage is an agent for Celtic Tuning – known as one of the UK’s best engine tuning companies. They write their own software and offer a guarantee.


‘Tuning’ or the software programme is run through the ECU.
When a car is built, the manufacturer can produce several different models but all have the same engine – they then restrict the power depending on the model with software.

Upgrade my car or get a re-map for a fraction of the cost???

Mmmmmm – sounds like a bit of a no brainer! Why would you want to pay out a premium for a ‘sportier’ option when you can get better Torque and Brake Horse Power and even better Fuel Economy (if driven sensibly!) – All without having to shell out such a shed load of money!

ECU Image

The below image shows an ECU being mapped despite having Anti Tuner protection on it – Manufacturers really do not want to lose sales, so they try to block the updates – However with the right equipment and experience there is a way around it!
So, if you would like an increase in power or greater fuel savings then why not have a look and see what gains there could be for your car by clicking on this link and filling in the details requested: Performance gain
We are happy to help with any questions you may have by e-mail  info@lakesidegarageservices.co.uk  or by calling us on 01784 482158

Remapping a tuner protected ECU

Remapping a tuner protected ECU