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Do you know what you are getting with an Air Con Service?

While in conversation with one of our lovely customers, he suggested that it might be helpful to provide a full explanation of how an Air Con Service on your car works – having checked I discovered that we haven’t provided this on the website so here it is!
When you take your car for an Air Conditioning Service the first thing that happens is that a vacuum test is carried out – All the remaining gas is completely drawn out and then all the air is drawn out to create a vacuum. At this stage it is evident if there is a leak as it would not be possible to create a vacuum meaning that the leak would have to be traced and repaired before continuing.
Assuming that a vacuum is created, the next step is to re-gas the system. At the same time a lubricant is injected for the compressor and we also inject an ultra violet dye which serves to determine where any leaks may be coming from in the future. Wherever you choose to go for your Air Con Service, do make sure that this dye is injected as part of the service as it will save a lot of time and money in the future.
The last item in the procedure is to carry out a temperature test to ensure that the temperature is dropping as it should do when the air conditioning function is on.
Some of the issues that you could notice with your air conditioning could be that the system loses gas very quickly after a service. This is a clear indication that there is a leak.
If you turn your air conditioning on and it does not get colder, then it is likely that it will need a re-gas – think about how long ago you had the last service.
Hopefully this has made it all clear but if you have any further questions then please do give us a call.