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Nov 27

Lakeside Tech Spot

      Lakeside Tech Spot!   Tech spot   Diesel Particulate Filters   The above image shows a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter and increasingly we are cleaning more and more DPF’s (Diesel Particulate filters). These are on virtually every diesel since 2008. Manufacturers have even admitted to be working on PPF (Petrol Particulate filters) to meet …

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Aug 05

Calling all Skoda owners!

Smart, Subtle and Spacious Skoda! Lakeside Garage can help! We use Dealer Level equipment,   giving us the edge over others. As a Skoda / Volkswagen Audi Group Specialist, we can offer you Servicing, Repairs, Mot’s, Diagnostics, Diesel Particulate Faults and even Performance Mapping to either enhance the performance or economy of your vehicle. If your …

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Feb 04

Diesel Particulate Filter information

Here is an example what a Diesel Particulate Filter looks like along with the kind of fault light you may see on your dashboard if there is an issue with the DPF. The function of a Diesel Particulate Filter is to filter particulate matter from exhaust gases on a diesel car with the ultimate aim …

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Oct 25

Diesel Particulate Filter Faults

[notice]Lakeside Garage can help with Diesel particulate filter (DPF) faults and regenerations for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and BMW.[/notice] Diesel cars are now fitted with DPF’s that can be expensive to replace. They filter out the soot particles in the diesel exhaust system but rely on the car being driven at higher speeds constantly to …

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