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Sep 27

October Engine Remap Offer

Take advantage of our latest offer for Engine Remapping. The normal price is £299  but for the month of October we will be offering a 25% discount. The Remap will cost just £225! Engine Remapping  is the latest and most cost effective way of improving the power and fuel economy of your car. More commonly known as chip tuning, generally speaking you can gain …

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Mar 21

Lakeside Garage expansion!

Here at Lakeside Garage, our ethos is to embrace and drive change within the Independent Garage market. We place high importance in investing in new equipment and staff  training in order to keep up with the ever evolving technology that governs today’s cars. So,  with that in mind, we have just completed a part refurbishment …

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Dec 09

New Fleet Management solutions for Businesses

Fleet Management solutions for businesses    We are able to offer a range of fleet management solutions for companies. We are able to write software into the ECU which will limit/control how the vehicle is driven, saving on fuel and repair bills. We can provide: In gear RPM limiters on petrol & diesel engines to …

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Dec 05

Lakeside Garage Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer

Celtic Tuning at Lakeside Garage

Lakeside Garage is now an authorised dealer for Celtic Tuning, one of the leading remapping companies in the country. We are now able to provide remapping for all makes and models along with our speciality of German Cars. This includes economy maps and performance maps.  Remapping or chip tuning your car changes the electronic software …

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