Vehicle Air Conditioning is not just for Summer!

bmw climate control
It seems to be a common belief that it is not necessary to use the Air Conditioning during the winter months. However, by leaving it off, it can cause the seals to dry out and acid corrosion as well. When you come to use the system again during the following summer, there is a greater chance of faults occurring or for the system to fail altogether, since the system is not designed to be dormant, and it will struggle to work effectively.
Using the Air Conditioning during the winter months can help with de-misting the windows, general circulation of air, and can stop pollen and bacteria from getting into the car.
Newer cars will have a climate control system rather than the older Air Conditioning. This means that the Air Conditioning is likely to be set to be automatic for when it is needed and would need to be physically turned off, which again is not advisable.
Many manufacturers are now setting an air con service at 2 year intervals. Here at Lakeside we can offer an Air Con Service for £85.00. Book now to ensure that you are not left caught out when it comes to next summer, which of course are going to be hot hot hot – again!

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