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Jul 09

Waterpump failures

Not many people get to see what a broken water pump looks like. This is an image of one that we took off a vehicle recently. It is actually broken at the ‘impeller’ which is the part of the pump that rotates. If the water pump is broken then the engine will overheat and eventually …

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Dec 12

Why you cannot afford not to have the oil in your car changed regularly!

Interesting information regarding the consequences of not changing the oil in your car regularly.  The photo you can see here shows an oil filter that has not been changed according to the vehicle’s schedule. It has totally disintegrated! Next to it we have put a brand new filter to show how unrecognisable the old one …

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Mar 21

Lakeside Garage expansion!

Here at Lakeside Garage, our ethos is to embrace and drive change within the Independent Garage market. We place high importance in investing in new equipment and staff  training in order to keep up with the ever evolving technology that governs today’s cars. So,  with that in mind, we have just completed a part refurbishment …

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Dec 05

Lakeside Garage Celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer

Celtic Tuning at Lakeside Garage

Lakeside Garage is now an authorised dealer for Celtic Tuning, one of the leading remapping companies in the country. We are now able to provide remapping for all makes and models along with our speciality of German Cars. This includes economy maps and performance maps.  Remapping or chip tuning your car changes the electronic software …

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Apr 19

Lakeside Garage Wins Mobil Service centre of the month April 2012

We are pround to announce that here at Lakeside Garage we have won Mobil service centre of the month for April 2012. Mobil oils are key to our success and we use Mobil for servicing as it is manufacturer approved for BMW, Mini, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes and GM. They meet the specifications for many more …

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Feb 10

Foxy Choice Scheme

Ladies !!!! Check us out on www.foxychoice.com Lakeside Garage is pleased to announce that we are members of FOXY Choice’s female friendly garage network which is specifically set up to be able to offer women peace of mind when choosing where to take their car. Part of the philosophy of the network is for garages to …

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