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A disintegrated old oil filter compared with a brand new one!

A disintegrated old oil filter compared with a brand new one!

Interesting information regarding the consequences of not changing the oil in your car regularly.
 The photo you can see here shows an oil filter that has not been changed according to the vehicle’s schedule. It has totally disintegrated! Next to it we have put a brand new filter to show how unrecognisable the old one is! We hope this is an interesting visual reminder of why it is so important to have your car serviced regularly!
The information below explains how crucial oil and in particular clean oil is for the smooth running of a vehicle;
Oil is as essential for a car as breathing air is for us! It lubricates the engine and allows metal to press against metal without causing damage. It is a bit like our joints having cartilage to stop bone grinding on bone. Without the correct oil, the engine will seize after a time due to metal rubbing against another bit of metal which causes a huge amount of heat from the friction.
We need to be changing our oil regularly as otherwise the oil deteriorates. The filter is an integral part of the system as it removes dirt from the oil and stops it being released into the engine. Once the filter starts looking like it does in this photo, there is a clear indication the filter will no longer be doing its job as it has become totally clogged meaning that dirty oil is released into the engine. Filters can also break up in this way if poor quality filters are fitted.
The final outcome would be that the oil will become more and more dirty and eventually will no longer act as a lubricant, therefore the engine will wear quickly and cease to work which could happen during a journey you may be making– a catastrophic, frightening  and highly costly position to be in as a driver! We highly recommend that for the above reasons, that you do have the oil changed according to the vehicle’s service schedule and save yourself a lot of money in the long term!

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